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belka award

2009 Best New Product Award Winner in Australia

2010 “GIC Award” from GIC International Organization

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Belka  is Not Another Paint, Wallpaper, Cement Or Acrylic Render.



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A modern and innovative interior finishes that is not similar to any product used in the market, BELKA makes a difference in your walls with its high strength, flexibility, superior quality components and performance. BELKA can be applied on all surfaces (concrete, gypsum, gypsum board, wood, marble, plaster, glass, plastic, stone, satin paint, metal ..) without preliminary preparation.

Besides, it helps to visually close imperfections such as cracks, holes or wall curvature on the surface. BELKA has an impressive design on its surface and decorative applications are also available. With unlimited color options, you can easily apply any image, shape, logo or any design you like.


All of our products are produced in our factories in Dubai (UAE), Malaysia, India and Iran. With our sales network located in 35 countries including Kenya, we deliver our products to our valued customers. Based on our experience since 1996, we provide 5 years warranty on our products and services.

why is everything just okay?    

Unique Features Of

Easy to install Easy to remove

No need to Substructures

High speed of Installtion

Applicable on Any surface

High Physical Resistance

100% Natural Material

More Than 60 Colors

No Carcks-No Seams

Acoustic Insulation

Humiditiy Resistant

Light Coordination



flame safe

Insect Free

Odor Free

First impressions are lasting impressions and at the Belka Group  we believe that walls make a huge statement about the decor of a room, building or home. Whether it’s a room transformation, feature wall, house or building Belka offers a unique combination of performance; unparalleled style and versatility that will help you make a statement.

Belka is the ideal modern day low maintenance alternative to paint and wallpaper. It is an easy and cost effective way to add color, texture and style to walls and ceilings. Belka is suitable for use on interior walls and ceilings in residential, commercial and administrative buildings as well as in educational and medical facilities, film and recording studios. Like no other, Belka is a contemporary and sophisticated interior wall coating material that’s as good as it gets.

The Belka Difference begins with a commitment to innovation, ultimate flexibility, premium ingredients and an exceptional level of performance. Made for the modern day builder or home renovator with limited time Belka offers a one coat solution for covering interior walls and ceilings. Best of all most of the time Belka does not require any surface preparation.

Belka can be readily applied to any surface including plaster, cement, wood, metal, glass and all painted surfaces (acrylic, water or oil based). You can even use Belka to cover a wall with surface flaws such as unevenness, holes, gaps and cracks – just apply straight over them. Belka has been specially designed to deliver stunning professional durable finishes no matter what the surface.

Whatever your existing décor or decorative ideas Belka offers colors and finishes that will allow you to take your wallpaper design where your imagination wants to go. Putting multiple colors on a wall, creating patterns or murals with seamless finishes has never been easier.

Belka also offers you an environmentally aware solution to covering walls and ceilings. We assist you in Belka Nairobi bringing the beauty and benefits of nature to your interior walls and ceilings by using premium environmentally friendly and recyclable ingredients that are drawn from the natural world. They contain no heavy metals, chemical contaminants or paint solvents and produce no chemical vapors during mixing or application.

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