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belka award

2009 Best New Product Award Winner in Australia

2010 “GIC Award” from GIC International Organization

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Belka benefits

Dream with new paint of your home / house wall

BELKA 79% improves your quality of LIFE 

Belka, with up to 60 different color options, any combination of colors can be achieved. 

Belka is applicable on many different surfaces due to its independence from substructure. You can apply Belka on Cement, Wood, glass, Fabric, Iron, Painted walls....

Belka powder is a green technology and made of %100 natural fibers and the only solvent needed is water. As a result, there will be no bad smell or chemical gases in the invironment while applying.

Belka is made of %100 natural materials, VOC free,  including cotton, decorative mineral stones and permissive additives.

Considering that %66 of house thermal energy waste is through ceiling and walls, Belka is a justified solution which acts as a thermal insulator and avoids energy loss, helps containing the inner temperature and as a result saves energy and costs as much as possible.

Belka provides an insect-free environment for you. Since insects are mostly used to accomodate in environments with high alkalinity levels (PH less than 7), the new product will keep your property far from insect attacks by maintaining the PH exactly on 7 (water PH)

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Since Belka is a water based covering, it never gets peeled from the walls due to humidity.

In addition to heat insulation, Belka bring sound proofing and acoustic insulation to your environment. Due to porosity of the surface, the covering neutralizes the sound reflections and provides an acoustic environment in your home or office which brings peace and comfort to your everyday life

No need to be concerned about nails and pins for your frames and decoration, after pulling the nails out, the hole will be removed due to self-healing characteristic of Belka. in case of begger damages, simply spraying water ....

Due to esectrostatic free specification, Belka doesn't absorb dust, soot or floating particles in the air, consequently, it never gets dirty and you don't need to wash it. In case of any human error leads to make some dirt spots on the walls, the only needed task is to spray water on the dirty spot and Belka will recover itself into a clean surface.

Coverings consist of chemicals, petroleum of oil additives which are well known flammable materials have higher risk of fire. Hoever Belka is made of %100 natural fibers such as cotton and mineral stones without any chemicals additives. If Belka get exposure to direct fire flames, the exposed area gets burned and the flame doesn't expand to other areas.

Light reflection is an insensible noise in our environment which increases stress and distracts our focus. the surficial prosity of Belka. Surface leads to light refraction consequently. Belka makes the lightening  more effective and delicate.

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belka cotton

Belka brings benefits of

nature to your finishes

All your dreams will comes true.  Beauty is in your eyes .....and in your soul.

Belka cotton wall paint

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